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You can find selected works below.

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Hyundai Santa Fe Cover

Hyundai Santa Fe, Epic Playdate —

A project by Stinkdigital. Launched in conjunction with the Hyundai Santa Fe’s 2013 Super Bowl advertising campaign, Epic Playdate features fives custom-built dioramas, illustrations, pixel art, and original music from the Flaming Lips. The brief: Try to find a way to extend the core concept of that Epic Playdate into an online experience while educating the user about the Santa Fe.

  • Design
  • Device Optimization

Service: Website that works across desktop, tablet and mobile

Good News Magazine Sweden

Good News Magazine —

Good News Magazine looks at news in a different way. They have more than 15 000 readers for every issue released. As part of our “Lifecycle of digital & interactive projects” Hyper Island module, we investigated a new communication strategy, came up with a solution to enhance the online user experience and created a coherent profile throughout their brand. After our strategy has been implemented, social interactions increased by more than 125%.

  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

Service: iPad Magazine, Web redesign, Communication strategy
Collaborators: Anton Andersson, Medhane Asefaw, Jessica Baban, Pernille Ravn

Nick Thayer - Top of the World feat. Lex One

Nick Thayer feat. Lex One —

As “Breastmilq”, a creative trio based in Sweden and Austria, we are credited for the production of the video in association with motion design collective WeWearSneakers. The video tells a classic hero/villain story where the two sides clash in an epic chase to the Top of the World. The song can be found on Nick Thayer’s “Like Boom EP” which was released on OWSLA earlier this year.

  • Production
  • Direction
  • Storyboard

Service: Music video
Collaborators: Anton Andersson, Medhane Asefaw

Stink xt

Stink XT —

This is one of the projects I was part of, during my time at Stinkdigital New York. The aim was to create a website for Stink XT, a new venture from Stink and Stinkdigital, that helps you to develop your ideas into digital projects. I was responsible for the design and development of this responsive and retina-ready website.

  • Design
  • Development
  • UX

Service: Responsive website
Collaborators: Anton Andersson

Mahoyo playing at the Hyper Island party at Kolingsborg

Mahoyo —

“We Are Mahoyo” is a video done for the award nominated Swedish DJ-trio “Mahoyo”. In under one minute, our goal was to capture the essence of what Mahoyo brings to the table. The aim was to make a fast paced, sleek and snappy video for them to use for promotional purposes.

  • Video production
  • Post production
  • Colour correction

Service: Promotional video
Collaborators: Anton Andersson, Medhane Asefaw, Pernille Ravn

Frontpage Magazine

Frontpage Magazine —

“Frontpage” is a magazine about Vienna’s lifestyle-, fashion- and event-scene. It consists out of 32 pages, that I have directed and designed from scratch. The aim was to come up and design an identity that communicates its message to an audience between 16 and 25 years.

  • Corporate identity
  • Concept development
  • Design

Service: Magazine

The Back Hole Experience - Exploring Technology installation

The Black Hole Experience —

During our “Exploring Technology” module at Hyper Island we came up with “The Black Hole Experience”. The installation drags you into an interactive experience that tickles your curiosity and plays tricks on your perception. Check out the project and watch the two explanatory videos created by Joanne Lam & Anton Andersson.

  • Concept development
  • Idea generation
  • Tech development

Service: Art installation
Collaborators: Anton Andersson, Joanne Lam, Fredrik Dejert, Robin Rådenman & Astrid Sylvester

Seb The Crab Logo design by Soumar Taliaa

Seb The Crab —

Seb The Crab is an up and coming producer and performer who has perfected his craft of creating progressive house, big room electro and massive dubstep tracks with originality and flair.
The aim was to create an identity that represents Seb The Crab in the best possible way, online, as well as offline.

  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Web development
  • Logo design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Photo retouching