Cinema 4D R23 has implemented these new features.

2 min read | published January 18, 2023

The Cinema 4D R23 release brings a wealth of new features and improvements that will enhance your 3D modeling, animation, and rendering experience. One of the most exciting new additions is ProRender, a fully integrated physically-based renderer that offers advanced global illumination, path tracing, and denoising capabilities. This new renderer is sure to take your renders to the next level, delivering photorealistic results with ease.

Another exciting addition is the new Volume modeling toolset, which provides a comprehensive set of tools for working with volumetric data. With this new toolset, you’ll be able to create and edit volumes, and render them with ProRender for stunning results. The new Fields system is also a game-changer, offering a powerful new way to create and control particle simulations. With Fields, you’ll be able to create a wide range of effects, from simple gravity to more complex, physics-based simulations.

Caps and Bevels are two new tools that have been added to help you create and edit 3D text and shapes. These tools will allow you to add caps and bevels to extruded text and shapes, adding depth and dimension to your designs. Additionally, the new Dynamics Body object provides more realistic physics-based simulations, and the new Collision Deformer can be used to create more complex and realistic collisions between objects.

The new UV Editing tools are also a welcome addition, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools for editing UV coordinates. You’ll now be able to unfold UVs, create UV islands, and more, streamlining your UV workflow and making it easier than ever to achieve the results you’re looking for.

In addition to these exciting new features, Cinema 4D continues to offer a wide range of capabilities, including character animation, motion graphics, and support for third-party plugins and scripts. With each new release, many more features are added to the package, making Cinema 4D an increasingly powerful tool for 3D artists and designers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Cinema 4D is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.